About Traci's Tribe

And thus, the tribe was born.

When Traci DiStefano was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011, her friends and family immediately sprang into action. From cooking, to rides to treatment, to simply keeping her company during a day at home resting, they were there for her.

Traci fought bravely through her initial diagnosis and treatment and then again, 5 years later, after learning her cancer had returned. She was truly a superhero, a real life Wonder Woman.

Through it all Traci maintained a positive attitude and an intense hope that things would get better. She also boasted, to anyone who would listen, about her support system. Her “tribe” as she called them. And thus, Traci’s Tribe was born.

Sadly, Traci lost her battle with cancer in January 2019. The tribe was still together but their fearless leader was gone.

Traci’s Tribe consisted of many ladies, aged 5-50, with many different qualities to offer. One of her younger tribe members, at age 13, recognized that not everyone was as fortunate as Traci was to have such strong support. She asked if Traci’s Tribe could live on and continue its name. But rather than helping just our beloved Traci, why not try to help others in need as well? What a perfect way to keep her memory alive.

Nothing can ever take away a love the heart holds dear.